Songs Of Innocence by Anne Coates

When you have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of a much loved series the wait can seem interminable ……so receiving my copy of Songs of Innocence by Anne Coates made me smile broadly.

Next was the worry could it live up to the two previous books Dancers in the Wind and Death’s Silent Judgement the jury was out and the result now in IS this book is fantastic.I was gripped and sat and read from first word to last in one unbroken sitting totally caught up in the world of Hannah Weybridge and the events occuring around her and her life.

This book picks up and carries the gauntlet left by the two previous books carrying the story forward whilst introducing other incredible storylines that leave you glued to the pages.

Anne Coates is without doubt a writer with the ability to captivate and enthrall covering difficult subjects with delicacy and understanding – I eagerly await a lot more from her pen and will continue to alert friends and colleagues to her work

The Dark Web by Christopher Lowery

Today I am delighted to be part of the blog tour for The Dark Web by Christopher Lowery which is the final part of his exciting trilogy.Taking in place in a world we are all becoming more and more reliant on in fact in some cases dangerously so by leaving trails that can allow those in the mind too ;to enter the minutae of our lives and possibly take over control.

The Author is very adept at building solid,believable characters whose lives and struggles we become embroiled in and he also gives us knowledge to enable us to have a far greater understanding of the systems so intrinsic to our modern lives

A book that will both delight and frighten but which will lead you to want to read more from the Authors pen and to lead you to exploring the catalogue of publishers Urbane Publications

I have personally enjoyed all three parts of this trilogy – The Angolan Clan,The Rawandan Hostage and The Dark Web and been engrossed in the characters lives and the situations they have been exposed too and am sure if you are lovers of good thrillers you will be to.

Blood Rites by David Stuart Davies

Paul Snow is not your average Detective he does his job whilst fighting his own personal demons.Demons that were they to become known would result in the loss of his career.He becomes involved in the search for a killer;a search that will put his own life in danger.

Urbane Books has another talented Author to add to its books and I look forward to reading more from his pen.

Nemesister Blog Tour

Today I am pleased to be taking part in the Blog Tour for Nemesister by Sophie Jonas-Hill.Set in the swamp lands of Louisiana the hot and sultry climate plays a very important character in the story.

A young woman ,with no memory but holding a gun and a gunshot wound finds herself in a deserted shack – but there is a stranger already there and it looks as though they are soon under attack from unknown sources.

She soon finds herself recalling snippets of conversation and occurrences from the past – but whose past and can they be relied on.She finds items hidden in a bedroom that help her regain some further insight but do they?

An engaging tale of love,deceit and betrayal you will find yourself hooked and eager to unravel the tale to its conclusion.A read of gripping quality that will leave you glued to the page as you seek to answer all the questions it raises.

Sophie Jonas-Hill will be a name you will remember and seek her work out

The Lighterman by Simon Michael

This latest novel in the saga of Charles Holborn is set once again in the London in a state of flux amongst the streets of swinging London a battle for supremacy wages for control of the underworld.

Charlie finds himself at the centre of several battles to save his life,save his relationship and save his client’s life all proving to be very tightly linked.

The quality of the writing transports us back to the swinging 60’s and we live through the adventures as they unfold – a very rare gift for a writer to have and one which Simon Michael definitely has

All 3 strands are developed both individually and where needed combined so we have all our questions answered which results in very satisfied readers whose only question will be when can we find the next installment of this great series


The Note by Andrew Barrett

Today I am representing Andrew Barrett in the blog tour for his latest work ‘The Note’ ,a work which can be read as a stand alone but is much better read as part of the Eddie Collins series of work.

‘The Note’ is a tense,drama filled novella which will have you on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds before you.Eddie finds himself questionning himself,his past and his ability to do his job – a note threatens his very existence and he must find its answers as well as those of his latest case.The twists and turns of the plot will keep you guessing until its conclusion.

Andrew Barrett shows what a true Master of the genre he is as he pulls all the threads together and answers all the questions.Another successful outing for Eddie Collins which will delight his existing fans and ensure a new following awaiting more from his pen

Ledston Luck by Andy Barrett

Today I am lucky enough to be representing Andy Barrett and his latest novel Ledston Luck.

An Author I hadn’t read before but now have several more books to be added to my TBR list so impressed was I by the novel.Working as a real life CSI has given the novels an authority which coupled with Andy’s obvious talent results in a very readable novel which carries with it an air of Authority and confidence that cannot be faked

Mystery envelops mystery resulting in a book that keeps you in its grip from first word to last;the Authority coming into play with the believability of the technical content contained within.We have faith and insight without being bogged down by the micro technical content that would be needed in an actual case.

Ledston is a village destroyed by the closure of the pits leaving a community struggling to survive with wounds that are unable to heal the number one enemy, the Police force ,supposed to offer peace and protection against this background old wounds that have continued to fester are brought to a head resulting in an explosion of pain and recrimination.

The hidden lives of several of the villagers are brought to the surface and we learn of the pain,cruelty and damage by individuals and the community all acting from their own beliefs that have been ingrained through the years

No threads are left unexplored and we find out the answers to all the questions the novel raises and the only question we are left with is when will we be lucky enough to have more to read from the pen of Andy Barratt.

I am one of the lucky ones who now find I have several more books to read and enjoy and build up a relationship with Eddie Collins and the rest of the cast and I am really looking forward to it!!

Angel by L.J.Ross

The 4th outing for DCI Ryan and his team and another success for Author L.J.Ross.Her criminal knowledge provides a sound basis for her novels to spring from and she has once again written an absorbing and detailed read.

We learn more about our central characters,their lives and the interaction between them that allows us to develop a personal interest in their lives and thus become that bit more involved in the book and where it is taking us.

All storylines are explored and satisfactorily explained except one…….Book 5 can’t be that far away!!

Dark Water by Robert Bryndza

We find Erica Foster reuniting with members of her former team as they struggle to find the answers to the mysteries surrounding a childs’ body.

The plot is complex with many twist and turns but the Author solves each twist and turn in a believable and understandable manner.We also gain more insights into the characters involved in the team which builds up our understanding and empathy.

Another winning book and I look forward to exploring more of Erica Foster and her team in further novels


I Know Your Secret by Graham Smith

A compelling read that though taut and tense still has time for some humour.Set in the beautiful scenery of Cumbria our team find themselves stretched to breaking point but all the complex and twisted threads are all carried through to fruition and resolved fully .

Another fine example of the written word by Graham Smith whose novels are all an addictive and compelling read I look forward to the next installment